Addiction therapy in the UK – some solutions

No complexes Addiction therapy in the UK – some solutions During many stays in England, where for 4 years I have been learning so-called Feldenkrais method, I had the opportunity to learn about some addiction treatment solutions used in the southwest of this country. However, I want to point out that the article below does […]


Should E-cigarettes be available on prescription? British experts think so

In the fight against smoking addiction, e-cigarettes should be available on prescription – experts from Public Health England (PHE), executive agency of the Ministry of Health of the United Kingdom believe. Specialists from PHE say to BBC News that e-cigarettes help smokers get rid of tobacco addiction. In a published report, they calculate that every […]


Addiction is talked and written a lot. This makes – on the one hand, the impression that the gravity of the problem has reached a wide range of society and is treated with due seriousness, and on the other – few or no attempts to counteract these phenomena by state bodies, social and educational institutions, […]