Before the start of training – a good warm up. This is important because if the muscles do not stretch. Exercises you can do any as WF’ie extending various parts of the body.christmas-vector-banner-ba

Okay, if you have extended the time to start training. First, what we learn, will Toprock. Let’s get started!

Your feet – not too wide, not too narrow, hands at your sides. Now hands deviation slightly backwards, while giving the right foot slightly to the left and forward. Ok, now back to its original position. Hands say around the chest and palms facing up. Now do the same thing, only in the opposite direction, that is, again, the deviation hands behind his back, giving the left leg slightly to the right and forward. We’re back. Repeat this several times until you learn.

Once we learn, we move on to footwalków. We will do a six-step. Now we do cat back, but the legs have to be bent and loose. Zadek – not too high, not too low. The first step is to move the left leg forward and slightly to the right (diagonally). Okay, Now We move your right leg under the center leg, and left foot do the same, as does the law, but that on the left. Okay, now we are in a squatting position. Now right foot “wrap” the left leg, then we reverse it in its original position and do the same to the right. If we lewonożni, we make a six-step in the opposite direction. Way to go! You have now made six-step!
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